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Chimera’s Top 10 For Creative Writers

In the spirit of helping us all become better, I decided to perform a query with some of the web’s leading writing sites. After combing through literally hundreds of tips and tricks, I narrowed my findings down to ten results. Follow these 10 simple, yet effective techniques to carry your career far and wide!

1. The right part of your brain thinks in images. When you write, you translate the images into words. Stephen King calls this method “writing with his third eye of imagination and memory.” Try it!

2. Create a first draft of what you intend to create says most writing websites. By doing this you defeat procrastination and get to work faster. Having a skeleton of your work is one of the top creative writing tips.

3. Creative writing blogs suggest that thinking too much while you create and write is a pain. Instead, think while you write and put all your thinking into the words you write.

4. Many writing websites recommend a technique called “listing.” It is a great technique when you get stuck with your writing. Creating a list will spark your imagination so use these creative writing tips!

5. Creative writing blogs suggest that you make a routine of writing first thing in the morning after you wake up. If you only accomplish a page a day you will gain more momentum as the days go by.

6. One of the top creative writing tips that authors suggest is to write first and edit after you have completed your work. If you get tied up with editing you can stop the flow of creative writing which you don’t want.

7. Many beginner authors feel naked and exposed and worry when it comes to sharing their writing. Creative writing blogs suggest that you write truthfully and be compassionate to yourself. Write and do it often because you will become greater at it.

8. Before you decide to pick up a pen and put it to paper, you have to spend some time thinking about what you wish to communicate overall. You need to have solid ideas and concepts you can write around suggests many writing websites.

9. Out of our list of ten creative writing tips, we suggest that you create an outline of what you wish to write which in turn serves as a checklist. When you have completed your writing you can go back to the checklist and take a look to see if you have missed out on anything that you intended to include.

10. Creative writing blogs finally suggest that obviously after you finish that you proofread and edit your work. Editing and proofreading should be left until your creativity is finished creating your work. Many writing websites suggest this idea as one of their top creative writing tips.


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