6 Tips For Finding YOUR Ideal Audience

The first rule of marketing is Know thy audience. It doesn’t matter what products youre selling or what services youre providing, or who youre trying to sell to. To even create an effective blog post, or make an enticing offer you have to know who youre writing for, to really know them. There needs, wants, ideals, likes and dislikes.

You have to be able to picture them in your head as you create any content, and even when you market. You need to imagine real living people reading your words and not just some virtual crowd.

Its always a bad idea to generalize. You probably wouldn’t be able to sell expensive computers to a carpenter but you’d have a better chance selling it to a programmer or a hardcore gamer. Your target audience matters and finding them will not only save you time and money, you’ll justly be rewarded for the effort.

In this post, I’ll detail the ways in which you can zone in on your ideal audience and really connect with them in a way they will never forget.

How To Know Your Audience

Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal client, they help you create a more vivid picture of who youre targeting and are indispensable to content marketers.

Lets say I’m Jane and I own a blog focusing on luxury cars, my buyer persona might then be Adam Smith.

Adam is an upperincome individual, he is single, educated and lives in the suburbs. He has expensive taste and his sense of style is impeccable. Adam enjoys long fast drives on the countryside and hence values speed over comfort.

So Adam here is an example of a buyer persona created by Jane. A majority of her ideal visitors are similar to Adam, they have most of the same needs and desires. With this information, Jane can optimize all of her posts to match the views of Adam.

She knows what post to write about and what products to sell. At the beginning of your writing journey don’t worry if you cant come up with a buyer persona as specific as Adams. Youll narrow it down with more of the methods I’ll list below.

Check your comment section

A great way to know who exactly is reading your post, and who your current content is already attracting is to check visitor responses on your websites. It’s common knowledge that people will hardly comment on a blog post except it affects them in some way. Your comments are most likely from your key audience, and your only job is to pay attention to what they say and find themes that relate. Do they all comment on a particular topic more than others, do they use certain phrases or express similar desires. The more comments you have the more you’ll know about who your ideal audience is.

Investigate your competition

If your blog is growing and you don’t have enough information to work with, one of your best options is to check the comment section of websites similar to yours, if you’re both on the same niche it makes sense to assume that you both target the same audience, this is where you can use your competitor’s years of research to your own advantage. You can identify what they write on, who they target, and you also check user responses on their site. With this information, you’ll have a better idea of who your ideal audience is.

Check social media

Social media accounts focusing on your niche are a treasure trove of user information. People are vocal on social media and lack of information will never be a problem, in fact, the only issue you might have is knowing what to tune out. All you have to do is search for your particular niche and take note of the type of people that comment, and what they have to say. You can do this across handles and platforms until you have identified your audience.

Create a survey

Surveys are an excellent way to know more about the people that already engage with you. With surveys, you can discover in more detail what your visitors want and who they are. Websites like survey monkey allow you to send free surveys to your audience. Surveys can also be sent to people who follow your Facebook page and website. When it comes to getting detailed information about your visitors there no easier and better way than surveys.

Talk with them

Does your ideal audience have a particular hobby or interest, can you find people like them offline? Cause if you can you’ve taken your audience narrowing to the next level. Talking with people in your niche offline allows you to not only know them in ways the internet can hardly reach. You get to see them as real individuals. And in marketing that is crucial.

With the steps I’ve provided above you can now begin the process of narrowing your audience and discovering the ideal people to optimize your messages to. Which will lead to more engagement, sales, and customer loyalty.


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