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How to Attract More Clients on Upwork

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Marsha Sinetar

It feels great to be your own boss. To manage your schedule, and only take on the projects YOU prefer. Achieving your own dreams, rather than propagating another person’s. This is why we freelance! There are always two sides to a coin, however.

The beginning stages of freelancing can be downright exhausting. A complete lack of clientele. No one wants to give the new guy/gal a chance. Worst of all, you contemplate giving up every day you’re forced to go without new clients.

If this is you, I have three surefire methods to boost your freelance rating. If you follow this system, you will be able to attract more of the clients you seek, in under a week. Best of all, you will put more of the satisfaction back into your writing business.

1. Recreate/Revamp Your Profile

I once had a client on Upwork who loved the work I did for him! So much so, that he did some free work for me. The client gave my complete profile the once over. What he had to say was not entirely bad. However, if my proposal hadn’t been made of the complete project he desired, no way I would have gotten paid for the gig. These three MAJOR issues were:

My profile picture – Don’t get me wrong, it was a very handsome picture (excuse my conceit) but it wasn’t crisp and professional. Honestly, it was a crop out from a group picture. He suggested that I make an appointment to get it taken at a studio. Not anything super fancy. Just an added touch of professionalism, to match my caliber of performance.

The “About Me” portion of my profile – I wanted to work with freelance creative writing and blog articles, but my profile said nothing close to that. All I spoke about was transportation logistics and my proficiency in the wealth non-writing tasks associated. In short, cater your profile to your goals. You may have to fill in a bit as you go along, but doing so will attract who YOU want to attract.

Certifications/Tests – This area may be sensitive for some people, as not everyone has certificates for their skills. And some don’t think it should matter whether some validation corporation says what they can do because they’re confident in… ya-da ya-da, ya-da. Here’s the truth: No one wants to waste money on a bunch of mediocre writers who “just need a chance to shine.” Luckily, Upwork has a great way around college and tech schools, for those who haven’t made their way to them, yet. It’s called the “Tests” section.

If you have none on your profile, like myself a few months ago, take a few. They can establish a master level of knowledge in the area you want to concentrate on, without a certificate. When you profile has five or more test above the 30th percentile, your worth cannot, and will not be doubted.

2. Create a Blog/Website

There are over 5,800,999 blogs in the world, today! But that doesn’t mean there is no room for you. Outside of your Upwork profile, you are a real person. This is where you will shine. Since most clients will want to see a sample of your work, this is very advantageous for you. A clean, professional-looking site not only shows that you have potential, it expresses just how serious you are about your craft. Add it to your portfolio. Talk about it in you profile summary. You own it, and it’s great! Don’t be afraid to tell your clients about it.

Furthermore, you can create all different sorts of content on your site. Some technical, some creative, some political. Show the full spectrum of your capabilities and be prepared for all sorts of clients.

3. Don’t Make It All About The Money!!

Yes, this is tough in the beginning, but think about something: As hard as it is to establish a reputation, it’s even tougher to recreate it. Once you are the freelancer who mastered excel, power-point and call center service, that’s who you are. If you want to be a writer, apply for and take writing jobs. You will get invitations to perform all sorts of tasks, but you can’t just do any of them for money. Stick with what you believed in when your freelancing began, and it will carry you a very long way.

Have any other freelancing tips? I’d love to trade secrets with you. Just comment below. And good luck with your business!


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